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Stroker Kit

Stroker Kit
TODA Racing offers a stroker kit for the B16A engine which increases displacement to 1797cc. The stroke is increased from 77.4mm to 87.2mm. The kit comes with TODA forged pistons (81mm or 81.5mm), heavy duty piston wrist pins, fully balanced connection rods, dynamically balanced crankshaft, and connecting rod bearings which already have the clearance set. Compression ratio with a stock head gasket is 11.0 : 1 and the rod ratio is 1.54. This kit is completely balanced and blue printed.

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  Description SKU Price
Honda B16A Stroker Kit - 81.00 x 87.2mm (1797cc) 13000-B16-000
Honda B16A Stroker Kit - 81.50 x 87.2mm (1820cc) 13000-B16-001